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Book Review- AI Entrepreneur’s Handbook by Kartikeya Malhotra

We are living in world driven by AI, aren’t we? Like every other new thing, AI is also something that needs to be understood so as to make most of it.

I recently got the chance to read a resourceful book on Artificial Intelligence- “AI Entrepreneur’s Handbook” by Kartikeya Malhotra. Here’s what I think about this book:

AI Entrepreneur’s Handbook is like a friendly mentor guiding you through the exciting world of starting a business with artificial intelligence (AI). It’s a book packed with valuable advice and practical steps to help you use tools like ChatGPT and Generative AI to build a successful venture.

The author breaks down complicated AI concepts into simple terms so that anyone, regardless of their background, can understand them and use them efficiently. He shows how these tools can be used to generate innovative business ideas, develop products, and create effective marketing strategies.

AI Entrepreneur's Handbook by Kartikeya Malhotra

What Sets AI Entrepreneur’s Handbook Apart?

What’s really neat about this book is that author doesn’t just talk about theory; he provides real-world examples of how AI is already being used by businesses across different industries. This helps readers see the potential of AI for their own ventures and sparks ideas for how they can integrate it into their business strategies.

Moreover, he emphasizes the importance of thinking long-term. Instead of focusing solely on making quick profits, he encourages entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses that will thrive in the long run. By incorporating AI into their operations, businesses can stay competitive and continue to grow over time.

Malhotra’s own experiences add credibility to his advice. With a background of working for tech giants like Amazon and startups, he knows firsthand the challenges and opportunities of the industry. His passion for emerging technologies, such as Generative AI and Blockchain, shines through in his writing, inspiring readers to embrace innovation and adapt to change.

AI Entrepreneur's Handbook by Kartikeya Malhotra book review

My Thoughts on AI Entrepreneur’s Handbook

Honestly, as a writer, I didn’t enjoy the content generated by ChatGPT because of the typical style of writing and lack of human touch. However, I am quite impressed with the prompts given in the bonus chapter of the book. These prompts are helpful in generating quality content and ideas.

Additionally, the author has also shared step-by-step instructions to start 10 AI-powered business ideas.

So, whether you’re a student with a startup idea, a budding entrepreneur, or someone looking to take their business to the next level, the “AI Entrepreneur’s Handbook” is a valuable resource. It’s like having a knowledgeable friend by your side, guiding you through the process of building a successful business with AI. With practical tips, real-life examples, and expert advice, this book is sure to inspire and empower aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

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About the Author

London based, Kartikeya Malhotra is a techie turned author and entrepreneur. He has worked for over a decade as a product leader for tech giants like Amazon and high-growth startups. He enjoys writing about technology, personal productivity, and human potential.

I really enjoyed reading his debut book and wish him luck for his future endeavours in writing more such valuable books.

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