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Tiny Habits Massive Results

Other than the random element of luck, what differentiates successful people from the rest are their Habits. They cultivate certain habits which contribute to their happier and healthy life. Tiny Habits Massive Results is about those 7 (plus one pro-habit), that impacts all areas of our life. 

In this book, you will read about the importance of creating habits for long-term success and building foundations of a healthier, happier and fulfilling life. 

Here is a glimpse of habits from the book

Waking Up at 5:30 am – You don’t need to work 16 hours a day to be productive. You just need some distraction free time.

Waking up early can be great for your mind, body, and overall well being. When you wake up early,  you can have quality time for yourself. It is an excellent opportunity for you to evaluate your goals, and engage in some self-care activities, which are otherwise missed due to the packed schedule. You also get time to plan out your day and identify the most important goals for the day. Merely waking up early and having a proper morning routine can significantly boost productivity and you will stay more motivated, energetic and focused to get your stuff done. 

Journaling – Your journal could be your best friend. You tell all your secrets to your journal and I assure it will not disclose them to anyone ever (unless you want that). Most importantly, your journal is never going to judge you. 

It is another keynote habit that helps you to keep stress on the bay, manifest your goals and release your emotional mess. 

Practicing Gratitude – One habit with endless benefits. What you focus on, grows! When you express gratitude for what you already have in your life, you tend to shift your focus towards good things. This makes way for better things in your life. Gratitude blocks toxic and negative emotions that can destroy our happiness. There is nothing as transformative as practicing gratitude.

Letting Go – No amount of thinking or cribbing can change the past. Instead, it will hold you back from moving forward and live your life, fully. When you let go, you create the space for new and fresh things in your life. In this book, you will learn about how to let go of the past, live your present and design your future.

Take Time to make decisions – Decision making is one of the most crucial things in life. Whether it’s about relationships or career, for that matter any area of life. So, take time, analyse and consider possible outcomes before you take important decisions in your life.

Mind Your Own Business – A Pro-Habit – Sometimes, it sounds rude but, it truly helps you grow. Your thoughts and actions are your business, but thoughts and actions of others are completely out of your territory. When you mind your own business, you free your mind, let yourself and others grow and improve your relationships.

Grab your copy of the book, to discover all the impactful habits that can help you improve your life in all areas – Health, Happiness, Relationships, career, money, work-life balance and spirituality.

Tiny Habits Massive Results by Jaishree Nenwani