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One of the greatest ways to achieve peace is minding your own business.

Respect your boundaries. You can’t be everything to everyone and nothing to yourself 

Believe in yourself, even when others don’t. Your self-worth isn’t determined by your success or failure but by the courage to keep trying.

You have got 1 life. Waste it wisely…

Express yourself before it’s late, 
Love them before they have gone, 
Feel it before it ends.

Love yourself
Make Yourself a Priority
Once in a while.
It’s not Selfish, it is a Necessity

The man who moves a mountain begins by removing the tiny stones.

No step is small, as long as it is headed in the direction of your dream.

Whatever you do, give your 100%
You are donating your blood 🙄

Every individual we meet is going through something or the other in their life that we know nothing about.

Before becoming a partner to someone else, we must befriend ourselves.

When you release the toxicity from your life. You make room for new possibilities. Let it go so that you can grow.

No matter how far you may feel,
Be Assured that there are infinite ways back to yourself.

Every now and then return to your soul’s place of rest and recovery. If you haven’t yet found this place, keep it in your thoughts.

Every time we succeed we become STRONGER as we learn ‘WHAT TO DO’ but
Every time we Fail we become even STRONGER as we learn ‘WHAT NOT TO DO’!!