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Book Review- Goagram by Bina Nayak

Just got my hand on this refreshing read – Goagram by Bina Nayak. A fiction book that shares the story of a social media influencer – Madhur Chopra. Here are a few glimpses from this fascinating book.

Goagram by Bina Nayak

“Goagram” by Bina Nayak tells the story of Madhur Chopra, also known as Maddie, who escapes the chaos of COVID-19 in Delhi to find solace in Goa. Maddie dreams of becoming a famous fashion influencer through her Instagram vlogs. But her journey is far from smooth as she faces unexpected challenges and learns important lessons along the way.

While the book promises an exciting look into the world of social media, it falls short in some areas. The main issue is with the characters. Maddie, our main character, doesn’t grow much throughout the story, making it hard to connect with her. Other characters, like Chaitali, are left with unresolved stories, leaving readers wanting more. Moments like Maddie’s encounter with Ricky Malhotra are glossed over without adequate exploration of their emotional resonance or narrative significance, leaving readers feeling unsatisfied and disconnected from the story. This lack of resolution undermines the depth and emotional impact of the narrative, ultimately diminishing its effectiveness.

Book review- Goagram

There are also some confusing parts and too much focus on certain things, like how people from Delhi talk. Mixing Hindi and English in the book can be distracting

Despite these minor flaws, “Goagram” has its moments. Descriptions of Casa Coutinho and its owner, Mrs. Coutinho, are interesting and add depth to the story. However, these parts aren’t enough to make up for the book’s shortcomings.

Final Words about Goagram

Overall, “Goagram” has a promising premise but doesn’t quite deliver. It’s an okay read with some good parts, but it could have been better with stronger characters and a more cohesive story. However, if you love fiction books or Goan Tales you would love reading this book. Grab your copy of the book on Amazon.

Book review- Goagram

About the Author

Bina Nayak, a graphic designer with 28+ years in Advertising and Media, was born in Bombay to Goan parents. After graduating from Sir JJ School of Art, she worked in FCB Speer, DDB Mudra, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, and The Walt Disney Company. Adept at Copywriting and Art Direction, she handled most assignments independently. At Ogilvy in early 2002, during a quiet period without freelance work, she started writing her fiction novel “Starfish Pickle”.

With her background in advertising and her passion for creativity, Nayak started this literary journey, exploring new worlds of expression and imagination. I wish all the best to Bina for her journey as an author.

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  1. Love your honest review of the book. Thanks for the recommendation though. I’ll pick it up and just give it a read.

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