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Emotional Ability Resources by Pragati Jalan Sureka. Have You Read This Book?

Emotional Ability Resources by Pragati Jalan Sureka

Emotional Ability Resources by Pragati Jalan Sureka – What a fabulous read! Many of us struggle to confront our emotions, often avoiding discussing them and seeking advice. Yet, how can we truly understand our own story if we keep our emotions hidden, even from ourselves? This unique book is an indispensable addition to any tabletop, bookshelf, or household. It’s a resource for those looking to enhance their self-leadership through emotional intelligence. Through narratives, anecdotes, clear explanations, and practical exercises, this handbook helps you navigate the complexities of your emotions, ultimately guiding you toward emotional and mental well-being.

What is Emotional Ability Resources all about?

Emotional Ability Resources by Pragati Jalan Sureka equips you with the necessary tools to acknowledge and manage the emotions that reside within you. It encourages self-awareness and empowers you to unlock your innate potential. This book offers a simple and healthy approach to handling your inner world.

Who should read this book? 

I recommend it to anyone interested in improving their emotional management and making positive changes in their daily lives.

Emotional Ability Resources by Pragati Jalan Sureka

My Thoughts on Emotional Ability Resources by Pragati Jalan Sureka

As someone who often disregards their everyday emotions, I frequently find myself in complex situations and suffering the consequences. However, this book has been a beacon of hope, guiding me to effectively handle a range of emotions. Each chapter concludes with engaging questionnaire exercises and a detailed summary to keep readers involved.

Author Pragati enriches the text with numerous real-life examples that readers can relate to. While all chapters are valuable, my favorites are “Anger” and “Affirmations.” Every section offers unique insights to make readers reflect and take action.

In the “ANGER” chapter, the author explores symptoms, strategies, types, and management techniques, emphasizing their impact on both health and emotions. The “Anger Iceberg” analysis provides valuable insights for emotional growth.

Closing Words 

This book is not just a casual read; it serves as a psychotherapeutic resource for every reader. With Pragati’s extensive knowledge and experience, this book showcases her expertise in the realms of mental health, therapy, and leadership coaching.

If you, like me, aspire to express your emotions genuinely and build a rich emotional toolkit, this masterpiece is a worthwhile investment. It’s a book that you can revisit multiple times, discovering new insights with each reading, and ultimately helping you achieve emotional fitness.

About the Author 

Pragati Jalan Sureka is an author, an alumna of IIM Kolkata, and a NET UGC-qualified and Harvard-accredited global mental health psychologist with over a decade of experience in training, speaking, psychotherapy, and preventive mental healthcare. As a Ph.D. scholar focusing on emotional well-being, she continues to develop practical tools for daily mental health and self-care, reflecting her core skills and passion.

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