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Jasmines In Her Hair by Kalpesh Desai- A Soulful Read

Jasmines in her hair by Kalpesh Desai

Kalpesh’s “Jasmines In Her Hair” is my first poetic read of this year. I am happy that I picked up this book. Author Kalpesh is known for his ability as a tech serial entrepreneur who uses poetry as a medium to process his thoughts, breakthroughs, and distinctions.

Having graduated from India’s foremost business school and industry-led technical expertise catering to the needs and demands of ample technology firm, mentoring the advisory and operating boards of other large enterprises plus working as President and CEO of one of the leading financial companies, Kalpesh did a commendable job of following his passion to reflect his thoughts via Poetry.

A Closer Look at Jasmines In Her Hair

As Kalpesh sets the tone at the start of the book, “Jasmines In Her Hair” is a thoughtful and passionate peregrinate to ascertain a soulmate waiting for his entire life. A journey that embodies suffering, pain, emotion, sorrow, grief, reunification, and so on. These verses are truly commendable, serving the deeper purpose of meaning and understanding. Every poem is designed not only as versatile but also as embracing reminiscences. The author’s poetic ability can be sensed in every single poem in the book. 

The author touched upon concepts like pain, resilience, time, destiny, trust, dreams, inquest, memory, etc. This book will tap into the reader’s heart to experience a deeper connection. Through this poetry, the author emphasizes the need and demand for attributes like solace, melody, trust, promises, smiles, and relation beyond being bereft of your loved ones.  

This book is a minuscule drew and exemplifies the melancholy of loved ones and soulful connect. His gracious way of presentation will give you a high during this chapter read.

Jasmines in her hair by Kalpesh Desai book review

My Thoughts on Jasmines In Her Hair

Jasmines In Her Hair is like a fascinating adventure exploring deep topics like love, heartache, and finding oneself again. The author shares their own thoughts and feelings, using powerful words to talk about love in many different ways.

What I really liked about this book is how it reminds us to value every relationship we have and be grateful for what they bring to our lives. As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, this book can be an impeccable heed to gift to your loved one and surprise them by dedicating a chapter to your partner and reading together on a park bench. So, don’t wait, just grab your copy of Jasmines In Her Hair and dive into the world of soulful words.

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Jasmines in her hair - book review

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