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Book Review: Branches of Study in Sanskrit

Branches of Study in Sanskrit

Hey Pals, 

Today, I have a review of a unique book to share. Branches of Study in Sanskrit – by Dr. V. Sowmyanarayanan. This book explores various subjects within the Sanskrit language, spanning from ArthaShastra to Zeeva Sastra. Let me share more details about this book with you.

Title: Branches of Study in Sanskrit 

Author: Dr. V. Sowmyanarayanan.

Book Length: 68

Genre: Non-Fiction 

What is “Branches of Study in Sanskrit” all about?

Encompassing twenty-six fascinating branches of study, this book serves as a treasure trove of ancient wisdom. There are 26 chapters in this book, Each one of them discusses a specific area, unveiling intriguing and rare insights hidden within the depths of this ancient language. Throughout the book, Sanskrit quotations are meticulously incorporated, and bolstered by translations to enhance comprehension.

Let’s dig deeper…

Branches of Study in Sanskrit is a well-crafted e-book that not only imparts knowledge but also aims to inspire readers. By shedding light on the rich tapestry of information in Sanskrit, the author – Dr. V. Sowmyanarayanan, encourages readers to immerse themselves in this linguistic heritage. The objective is to kindle curiosity and engagement, urging readers to explore the extensive realms of Sanskrit. This newfound understanding can be harnessed in various fields such as Economics, Commerce, Food Technology, Chemistry, and beyond. As a valuable resource, the book empowers individuals to utilize this knowledge in their research endeavors, bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and contemporary studies.

My thoughts about the book- Branches of Study in Sanskrit

“Branches of Study in Sanskrit” is a captivating exploration of the rich and detailed world of Sanskrit. In this illuminating book, I came to know about the diverse dimensions of Sanskrit knowledge, shedding light on its multifaceted branches. From the profound realms of Vedic literature to the intricate rules of grammar, from the poetic elegance of classical literature to the philosophical depth of ancient texts, this book offers a comprehensive journey through the tapestry of Sanskrit learning. Whether you’re a seasoned Sanskrit enthusiast or a newcomer to this ancient language, “Branches of Study in Sanskrit” promises to be a valuable resource that unveils the vast intellectual landscape of one of the world’s oldest and most profound languages. Join me on this scholarly voyage as we unravel the layers of Sanskrit’s multifarious domains.

About the Author 

Dr. V. Sowmyanarayanan, a distinguished professor, is not only an academic but also a versatile artist. As a blogger, mridangam artist, painter, e-book author, Sanskrit poet, and ardent music enthusiast, he showcases his creativity and expertise. Through his blog “GOCARAM,” meaning “perception,” he regularly shares his diverse works. Dr. Sowmyanarayanan is a polyglot with a profound knowledge of ancient scriptures, allowing him to engage in editorial assignments. He actively contributes to All India Radio, Chennai, conducting programs such as talks, quizzes, and stories to promote languages like Sanskrit and Hindi, reflecting his passion for language propagation.

Grab your copy of the book —> Branches of Study in Sanskrit.

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