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Oh, So Emo! – Oh What a Book!

Oh, So Emo! - Oh What a Book!

Okay… It’s time for a Children’s book – Oh, So Emo! Well, it’s a book for kids but I think grown-ups should also read this outstanding book. Why? It’s a good question! This book is about understanding and managing your emotions. Despite being grown up, many people still don’t understand their emotions. This book serves as an invaluable resource not only for children but also for adults. Now, let’s dig deeper into the book.

Oh, So Emo! By Gayatri

What is Oh, So Emo! All about?

Gayatri has beautifully woven human emotions in the form of short and relatable stories. Though she has written these stories keeping kids in mind but the message she is trying to convey pertains to every age group.

This book takes readers on a delightful and imaginative journey as the author skillfully navigates through relatable stories, providing children with an easily digestible exploration of their emotions. The book not only encourages children to acknowledge and share their feelings but also offers practical coping strategies, fostering a healthy understanding of emotions.

Infact, I think this book is an invaluable resource not only for children but also for parents and teachers. It equips them with the tools to internalize and model emotional intelligence, enabling collaborative efforts in supporting children through their emotional experiences.

In addition to the stories, the author has also added nice images which makes this book gripping for children. At the end of every story, there is a quick summary and prompts that encourage readers to understand their emotions better.

Book review- Oh, So Emo!

My Thoughts about Oh, So Emo!

I really wish I could get such a book to read when I was a kid :). Never mind, it’s never too late. So the bottom line is I loved reading this book. It is a very simply written book with easy-to-understand language. If you haven’t yet given attention to your own emotions, you must read this self-help book. And if you want to understand the emotional turbulence your kids are going through, you should not miss reading this outstanding book Oh, So Emo! By Gayatri. Grab Your Copy of the book on Amazon.

About the Author of Oh, So Emo!

Gayatri (born 1976), Gayatri resides in Mysuru. She is a multifaceted professional, a therapist, a poet, and an accomplished author. Among her notable works are “Ela’s Unfinished Business,” “Devi & the Battle of Meghadhanush,” “Anitya,” “Sit Your Self Down,” and “Who Me, Poor?”. With a Master’s in English Literature and additional diplomas in journalism, counseling psychology, applied Buddhist mind studies, and Buddhist psychology, she continues her education as an ongoing student of the Nalanda Master’s in Buddhist Philosophy under the guidance of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. She is also a Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche student and the Sharath Jois ashtanga yoga shall.

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Oh, So Emo! By Gayatri

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