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Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions: My New Approach to the New Year

Setting Intentions not resolutions

New yearโ€”a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story?

Ultimately we write it. The choice is ours.

โ€”Alex Morritt

Hey there, wonderful readers! As we stand on the cusp of another chapter in the book of life, I can’t help but ponder the age-old tradition of crafting New Year’s resolutions. But this time around, I’m ready to turn the page and explore a fresh approach โ€“ setting intentions instead of resolutions.

Now, I can almost hear the collective question: “Aren’t resolutions and intentions pretty much the same thing?” Well, not exactly. Resolutions have a certain rigidity about them โ€“ they’re like setting a fixed destination on a map and attempting to navigate a straight line to get there. The problem is, that life isn’t a linear journey; it’s more like an unpredictable road trip with unexpected twists and turns. Resolutions often set us up for frustration and self-doubt when we inevitably deviate from that predetermined path.

Intentions, on the other hand, offer a more flexible and forgiving perspective. They’re like choosing the general direction we want to head in without being overly fixated on a specific endpoint. Intentions act as gentle guideposts that help us navigate the winding road of life while staying true to our core values and aspirations. It’s about embracing the journey, not just reaching the destination.

So, how does one go about setting intentions for the New Year? Let’s break it down into a roadmap for a more mindful and purposeful journey ahead.

Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions

Reflecting on the Past Year

Before we eagerly leap into the future, let’s take a moment to glance in the rearview mirror. What victories did you celebrate in the past year? What hurdles did you gracefully overcome? Reflecting on the past helps us glean insights, appreciate growth, and make informed decisions about the future.

Identifying Core Values

What truly matters to you? Whether it’s fostering deeper connections with family, prioritizing personal growth, spreading kindness, or seeking new adventures, identifying your core values provides a foundation for setting intentions that align with your authentic self.

Choosing a Word or Phrase

Rather than creating an exhaustive list of resolutions, consider selecting a word or phrase that encapsulates your overarching intention for the year. This becomes your North Star, a guiding light influencing your choices, actions, and mindset throughout the months ahead.

Breaking it Down into Actionable Steps

Intentions are not just lofty ideals; they thrive when translated into actionable steps. Break down your intentions into manageable, realistic tasks. How can you seamlessly incorporate your chosen word or phrase into your daily life? What small changes can you make to steadily move closer to your intentions?

How to set intentions

Embracing Flexibility

Life is beautifully unpredictable, and intentions embrace that reality. If circumstances throw unexpected curveballs your way, intentions provide the flexibility to reassess and adjust your course, rather than abandoning ship altogether.

For example, let me share my own intention for the upcoming year: “balance.” In a world that often feels like a juggling act, I aim to find equilibrium in my work, relationships, health and self-care. Instead of imposing strict resolutions like committing to the gym every single day, my intention involves incorporating more movement into my routine while also prioritizing rest and relaxation.

Wrapping Up

So, here’s to a New Year filled with purpose, flexibility, and abundant joy. Cheers to setting intentions and embracing the beautiful adventure that lies ahead! May our journey be marked by personal growth, mindful choices, and the resilience to navigate whatever twists and turns come our way. Here’s to a year of intentionality and the boundless possibilities it brings.

Wishing you all a Very Happy and Purposeful New Year!

11 responses to “Setting Intentions, Not Resolutions: My New Approach to the New Year”

  1. Love this! I’m completely with you that setting intentions over resolutions is the way forward and is much more sustainable over the year!

  2. I echo the points on choosing a word or phrase and making actionable steps. It feels motivating seeing progress and is such a boost to my self-esteem. Great post!

  3. I am not doing anything new. Also, I never believed in the concept of new year’s resolution. However, I just want to priortise health, education, my job, travel and a bit of fashionista in me this new year. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year 2024.

  4. You and I have very similar outlooks when it comes to resolutions! This was such a fun piece to read because I feel like resolutions, along with being rigid can set us up to fail. NO one wants to feel that way.

    Let’s prioritize intentions so we have a roadmap as you said!

  5. I like the sound of setting intentions rather than goals. I always feel intimidated by setting goals. This seems like a more productive way to accomplish what I want.

  6. I love this! Setting flexibility in life leads to better joy. Iโ€™m all about being less ridged with my goals in the new year!

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