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Storytelling With Charts – My Recent Read

Storytelling with charts

Tell me the facts and I’ll learn.

Tell me the truth and I’ll believe.

But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.

– An old Native American proverb

As Michael Margolis, bestselling author and two-time TEDx speaker says, “Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.” As the world is constantly changing adhering to the demand and needs of the populace the skill of storytelling has found its own transformation. 

Enduring to convey the story to the readers modern authors put up their innovative caps to bring efficacy and competence towards storytelling. This book I read recently is all about “Storytelling with Charts”.  Sam Schreim authored this astounding mechanism of utilizing charts to present his story. 

What is “Storytelling with Charts” all about?

A five-chaptered book with ample use cases and neatly presented pictorial and illustrative samples are key takeaways in this book. The author emphasizes sharpening this skill and conveys its importance throughout the book. Not to mention the empirical and statistical findings through the STC framework. 

The author purposefully presented the real-life examples paired with his own eccentric chronicles which personally helped me to dig deeper conceptually on STC. Fundamentals were neat and clean which provided a fathomless understanding of the components that make up the STC framework (i.e…….., Horizontal and vertical Logic). 

Interestingly the author spoke about present-day enablers like market-let tools, ample plugins, templates blah blah. Unlike the readily available books on storytelling, STC is so unique and stands out.  He also shared many concepts on chart classifications, hypotheses, four common sense methods, chart selection knack, conceptual framework, Issue Diagram, Thinking Hacks, Minto Pyramid Principle, 80/20 Rules, mind mappings, and many more. 

Storytelling with charts by Sam Schreim - Book Review

My Thoughts on “Storytelling with Charts”

An in-detail walkthrough of STC and its corresponding erudition will definitely make the upcoming authors think about adding the presented intricacies in his/her upcoming works. Not to miss appreciating the knowledge of Sam Schreim on STC wrapped with meticulous & intermediary data. 

I personally recommend the newbie authors use additional supplements like toolkits, video tutorials, templates, charts and so on which act as add-ons to improve the creative presentation of their work and become renowned and remarkable storytellers. 

About The Author

Sam Schreim is a business expert who started a company called Business Model Hackers®. Before that, he spent more than 20 years as a strategy consultant and wrote a guide called “Storytelling with Charts (STC).” This guide helps people quickly master making presentations using a proven framework. With the STC method, Schreim has helped consulting firms get over $500 million in new business.

Over the years, he has advised top executives, consulting firms, startups, government leaders, and more on strategy and management. He’s also started and sold several companies. Now, his goal is to share his business strategy knowledge through practical guides. You can check out his work and books at

Grab your copy of the book Storytelling With Charts.

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