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Transforming Space with a Personal Touch – My Experience with

Transforming Space with a Personal Touch - My Experience

Recently, we have got some renovations done in our home, so I was looking for something new and fresh to spur up the space. After, scrolling around for a few days, I decided to add some personalized items to my home from I bought a Photo Cushion with fur, and a Designer Wall Clock for the new room and a a Spiral Notebook for myself. Here’s a detailed review of each product and my overall shopping experience with

1. Photo Cushion with Fur

zoomin product review

The Photo Cushion with fur from is absolutely amazing (by the way that’s my mom and dad in the picture). When I first received it, I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and luxurious the fur felt. It’s incredibly comfortable and adds a cozy touch to my living room. The photo I chose was printed very clearly and in vibrant colors. The quality of the print was beyond my expectations; it captured every detail perfectly.

One of the best features of this cushion is that it has a LED light that surrounds the photo on the cushion. This cute looking cushion has the ability to make a statement in any room. I’ve placed it on my sofa, and it has quickly become a favorite spot for everyone to sit and relax. It has also received numerous compliments from guests who visit my home. The cushion not only adds a personal touch to my decor but also serves as a great conversation starter.

The material of the cushion is durable, and the fur remains soft even after regular use. The cushion cover is also removable, which makes it easy to clean. Overall, the Photo Cushion with fur is a beautiful blend of comfort and personalization, making it a perfect addition to any home.

2. Designer Wall Clock

zoomin review

The Designer Wall Clock is a standout piece that adds both style and personality to my home. The clock face is excellent, with vivid colors and clear details.

The clock itself is well-crafted, with a sleek and modern design that fits perfectly with my home decor. It is made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

Hanging the clock on the wall was easy, and it has quickly become a focal point in my living room. It not only serves as a functional timepiece but also as a beautiful piece of art.

3. A Spiral Notebook

zoomin product review

This isn’t a part of the home decor but it caught my attention when I was buying rest of the stuff for my home. As someone who enjoys writing and jotting down ideas, the Spiral Notebook from was an exciting purchase. The customization process was simple and user-friendly. I was able to add my name to the cover (though, one can add any text they want). Though I feel that the notebook is bit pricey.

When the notebook arrived, I was impressed by the print quality of the cover. The notebook itself is very well-made, with a sturdy cover and thick, high-quality paper inside. Writing on the paper is a joy, as it is smooth and prevents ink from bleeding through.

This notebook has become my go-to for daily notes, and journaling. The spiral binding is strong and allows the notebook to lay flat, making it convenient to use.

Overall, the Spiral Notebook combines functionality with a personal touch, making it a perfect companion for anyone who loves to write or doodle.

My Overall Shopping Experience

My overall shopping experience with has been nothing short of excellent. The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Customizing the products was a breeze, thanks to the simple and intuitive design tools. I appreciated the variety of customization options available, allowing me to create truly unique items.

The delivery process was smooth and efficient. My products arrived well-packaged and within the promised timeframe. Each item was carefully wrapped to prevent any damage during transit. Overall, I enjoyed shopping at

Final Thoughts offers an impressive range of personalized products that are perfect for adding a unique touch to your home or for gifting to loved ones. The collection isn’t limited to Photo Cushion with fur and Designer Wall Clock; there’s a wide range of Photobooks, photo frames, home decor items and gifts for everyone.

The combination of high-quality materials, excellent print quality, and user-friendly customization options makes a fantastic choice for anyone looking to buy personalized items.

I highly recommend giving their products a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Have you ever bought anything from What was your experience like? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments below!

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  1. That notebook is really cute! It’s always good finding new websites for gifts and different items. I’m not sure they ship to the UK but it was still interesting to read about them and how good their service is!

  2. Very great article, lots of good info. Although I have not yet used them but it’s good to know.

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