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What do Hyper-Focused People Have in Common? Truth Spilled!

What do Hyper-Focused People Have in Common

Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand.

The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.

– Alexander Graham Bell

“I want to focus, but I don’t know how”, “Maybe, I am losing my focus”, and “Why am I not feeling focused towards my goals?”

If you look on the internet, and if you have some conversations with your group or colleagues – you’ll find the above statements way too common. If not those, you’ll definitely hear the word DISTRACTED quite often. So, what’s the deal with the word focus? Why and how is it so important?

Most of us think focus is one’s willpower to achieve something. While this understanding is true, I personally believe focus is not quite limited to achievement only. Because achievement is a tiny part of focus, the picture left is really a lot bigger.

For me, the focus is not letting any distractions out there get the better of me. And how did I achieve this – by building tiny habits? Yes, not the massive to-dos, but little shifts in my routine so that I’m able to keep my focus and concentration in check.

The great thing about these tiny habits is that each is quite easy to develop and still benefits us in the long run. So, are you ready to check some tiny habits hyper-focused people have in common? Let’s begin

What do Hyper-Focused People Have in Common

Improve Your Sleep

To stay focused, your mind has to stay healthy. Work on your sleeping hours. It will improve your physical health and well-being. You will see an increase in your productivity levels, and will feel fresh and well rested throughout the day.

It is recommended to have a nap of 7-8 hours a day. It’s the minimum of sleeping hours expected from a human to recharge their organs. But unfortunately, the hustle and bustle around makes it difficult for everyone to get the optimal amount of sleep each day.

Develop sleeping habits, if ever you feel your focus is lost, ask yourself whether you had a good nap the night before. If the answer is no, work on it. Make sure to go to bed at the same time every day, and you’ll surely see improved focus and concentration throughout the day.

Be Healthy, Physically

This habit formation is not as easy as it sounds, but it definitely reaps the best results in the long run. Exercise at least for an hour a day. Even if you feel you procrastinate a lot to do physical activities, get up from your bed and MOVE.

Just an hour of physical activity can keep you fresh, motivated, and eager to surpass your limits.

Pro tip – Drink plenty of water, and eat well. Water and fresh vegetables, and fruits can provide you with a steady supply of energy, which altogether will help you stay healthy, physically.

Take Breaks

Taking breaks never distracts you, it instead makes you more productive, hence it’s THE BEST TINY HABIT you can build for yourself. Nobody, not even the most successful individual on earth, can focus on a work straight for eight hours. It’s humanly impossible. Hence, take breaks of a few minutes and recharge yourself for the next big thing.

Be proactive about breaks too. Keep yourself away from work. Make sure you intentionally don’t work for a few minutes. Because if you take breaks unintentionally while doing some task, it’s actually a distraction, not a break.

Be Around Nature

One habit you will never regret building these days is the habit of being around nature. This habit comes with a host of physical and mental benefits. If you feel drained, visit a garden for an hour, and you will feel rejuvenated.

The environment out there will give you a sense of peace and serenity. You will see the world out there is beautiful, all your negatives will be washed out with the air that’s flowing. Additionally, studies have shown being in nature can help humans reduce stress levels, and enhance memory.

Get in Love with Your Routine

Routines are the trump card of successful and highly efficient people. To maintain focus and concentration, one must know what they are/they will be doing throughout the day. Hence, before starting your day, make a habit of building up to-dos for your day. Before sleeping just check out what chores you were able to do, what all was left unachieved, and the reason why you were not able to do it.

Be in “your zone” throughout the day. As building a routine will not make your life difficult, you will not appear disappointed all day long.

And last, MYOB!

Mind your own business. A section of my book ”Tiny Habits, Massive Results‘, is very close to my heart and values too. Hyper-focused individuals never poke their noses into someone else’s business. They know where they must drain their energy. Such people are really efficient at NOT doing things that don’t matter to them in the long as well as short run.

It’s so tempting to see the above habits and make up your mind to do all of these the minute you read it. But, take a pause. Even though the habits above are tiny, the change in mindset required to inculcate these habits in your routine requires time.

Be Conscious.

Over here, you are willing to become hyper-focused, set your priorities right, and pick one habit that matches your timeline right now the best. To discover more such habits, do give “Tiny Habits, Massive Results” a read, you’ll definitely pick some great habits of hyper-focused folks!

Grab your copy of Tiny Habits Massive Results.

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  1. Improving my overall physical health and taking breaks has definitely helped me improve my focus so I completely agree with you. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

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